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Strange bizarre food that people ate (that we should not!)

Clock chocolate And manure beetles
See pictures strangest food world

Spare ourselves from eating certain foods often Kalvesik and the acrid smell of herring or rabbit-like cats from being installed on the physical or some fish species, especially snakes, the intestines of cattle or a fragrance smell horrible, we do not know that there are some people eat foods may hit nausea but natural circulation in other cultures .. Today Snokzkm tour around the world to get to know the strangest food

White "Albalot"

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The first list of the most exotic foods in the world is the meal eggs "Albalot" in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, and usually takes a complete chick 28 days, but is Albalot eggs lap for 18 days only, get him on the Jenin real skeleton is primitive and has the properties different food than in normal eggs, so the men used sexual tonic effect for sure, but if anyone think of this experience recommends the experts to do so with caution because the essential cholesterol eggs.

When when age becomes an egg from 16: 20 days they are ready to move into markets where it is boiled for thousands of customers connoisseurs to this food, and this depends on the size of the egg, the egg and keep the 18 days is preferable, as the vendors sponge washed well, and after becoming Clean complete form in a pot and climb.

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"Albalot" eating a popular favorite for all members of Philippine society, brought to Manila by the Chinese in 1800 and since then the locals love this meal and sing, and write the poems for their impact on male virility and increased sexual ability of men, is the "Viagra" normal, but It is also because it enables them to stay young and stay on the work can not normally do, and believe that if they wanted a son, it guarantees them occurred after the first attempt rather than the second or third, and best of answering this influence are the men themselves who are used to "Albalot" as well as their wives.

There is another skill required of the customer after the purchase of "Albalot" in its traditional when it comes to fruition, and the best way to eat eggs you are light on the solid crust, the removal of the upper liquid, and then addressed the Pettmiel head back, then continue the rest of the crust and reveal the yolk and the embryo, To give eaters relish added some of the vinegar and salt and then eaten all the contents.

But Americans still find it difficult to accept that white, so to circumvent some of the major restaurants on the Baked provide special ways for tourists as one of popular dishes in South East Asia, as they are taken as a snack between meals and are classified as "Viagra".

And began the "Albalot" finds its way to the lists of restaurants and hotels, made after the taste more palatable to tourists rather than the traditional way to eat it with sea salt, they obtained in a variety of different ways of cooked garlic or in the form of pastries or "Batih" or "Sote" Even evaporated with a sense of fear or severe sensitivity of the form of white "Albalot" the idea of being a famous Philippine Jenin incomplete.

Rocky Mountain oysters "Mkasi"

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Rocky Mountain oysters

The "Rocky Mountain oysters" are not of seafood, as some believe, but a specialty cowboy who neutering calves, which are delicious eating some call Jewels and others call it "Viagra."

Famous restaurants Kloloredua to provide "_khasyat" livestock in the dishes and some drinks traditional local meal, the restaurant is famous for "Denver" Since 1893, the oldest local delights of America, and some customers are still unaware of the contents of the dish.

The reaction while discovering whether its order before eating, during or after may be one of extremes, from trauma to the great displeasure of happiness and requested by another dish, and thought lovers dish or drink, "Almkasi" bull's testicles that can improve the strength of nationality, This belief is still prevalent even today because they believe that it contains the male hormone, are involved in this belief dish soup said Ghazal.

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Male deer soup

"Almkasi" meal known to people of the Middle East and the Arabs, but it is one of the strangest cuisine of the world.

Fried insects

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There are some people eat insects rather than drinking the milk, and is The Locust or "grasshoppers" all kinds of delicious dishes of insects and this food is known to some people since ancient times and occupies the lists of old books, and sold this insect Thailand fries in restaurants or fast food carts street vendors.

And Thailand markets offer all types of insects, especially grasshoppers fresh the chefs cooked through the streets, and fry in coconut oil, which makes them fragile, and sprayed Besos soy and eat all of Thailand, with a drink, but visitors are still trying this dish palatable as they face a problem while dealing with this insect when it relates to the legs of locusts their teeth extracted and required of them because they do not know how to deal with these kinds of dishes.

Experts suggest that eating "locusts" contain the same amount of protein as red meat, but semi-skimmed, is expected to move this type of food to Hollywood because they are very nutritious it is possible to replace the current full of food.

Dung beetle

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This quick meal extraordinary famous Thai capital Bangkok and the province, specifically "Kuncain" which is located 200 miles north is home to the beetles, "Manege Kodji" delicious taste as they are called the people of this country, these beetles inhabiting rice paddies where the adoption of nests and feed on a buffalo dung and water.

To become a delicious taste of this insect should be fresh out of Ruth, and there are more than 200 species of dung beetle can choose from in Thailand, and to identify the type of food indicates the best specialists in this matter it must be of excellent quality is not great or small in size has no horns would become difficult to chew this insect delicious!

Farmers Basttiyadha and washed with water, then placed the extent of cooking with other ingredients like lemon, onion, oil, herbs, salt and fried on the fire.

And best of all are those from Ruth fresh buffalo or cow, known Taster dung beetle expert in secret while dealing with disarmament of the legs and wings first then tends head and paid directly into his mouth, and Khavs nutty taste and the composition of the diet light, and this explains its popularity in Thailand

The international experts argue that the combination of this insect faecal make it into one of beneficial nutrients, which contain the beetle on the protein and half the fat, calcium, and five times the iron found in hamburger meat, so they perceive the dung beetle, healthy food and useful.

Chocolate clock

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The fried scorpions Sun delicious daily meals to some Asian and African countries, but we find now in London and crunchy, but Mgttsp chocolate, which is a fantastic choice for some of the English after dinner.

This type of scorpion is edible, but did not believe all this until after the chocolate-covered scorpions they are still affecting the majority shock.

There are more than than 1100 different species of scorpions in the world, these scorpions come from China are toxic and deadly before removing the labeled, shipped to the United States to remove the poison and its impact on special operations, and ends her to London to cover Balchukullacp then plays for sale in the shop "Fortinam and Mason" The with coffee.

Living ringing

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The ringing of living is the most important meal in the state of Texas, Texas, and some restaurants were quick to meals for those interested in tasting some of the snakes, and the first of the concerns of customers of these restaurants is the presence of "poison" in the dish, the chef but emphasizes that the poison is only in the teeth, not flesh .

Vagueness is fried by the chef to mature and after flaying and cut into slices and fried after spicing flour, eggs, milk fat and then removed them and provide dry, then add to chili.

Frog legs porridge

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Singapore is one of the most diverse biological communities in Southeast Asia, and this means that the menu has a spicy and full of surprises, comes to eating frogs to the enthusiasts market, "Kreta Ayer" wet to buy and eat them Favorites taste brought by Chinese immigrants to the island in the early nineteenth century a key element of food.

It remains the frog is a large Asian elites and traders imported from Malaysia, China, and is a staple food for the elderly and children to the ability of this diet to build bone and muscle, and can see the quality of the volume of frog legs, which are similar in taste chicken legs and containing the same amount of protein, calcium and iron found in chickens, but compared chicken contains twice the 5000 rate of fat.

Bon Apatité . . . or Bon Apatité??? = o

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